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Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

ten wheeler van truck on the roadside

Companies these days know the risk of owning and operating heavy duty machinery. Included in the machinery category are the types that focus on transportation and logistics. When you put the words heavy duty and transportation together, you’re just asking for major break downs, mechanical failures, collisions and other roadside hazards. Lucky for you, we are fully staffed and equipped to deal with these issues, heavy duty machinery or otherwise.

Big Rigs

Logistics are complicated, and driving tractor trailers is a necessary complication. Big rig vehicles are, simply put, more dangerous. They have larger blind spots, they are more difficult to maneuver, and they are more cumbersome to drive. This puts them at a much greater risk of incident when on the road. Selma Towing Service is an industry leader in recovery and towing of semis and tractor trailers. We’ve been doing it since we opened our doors and we’ll continue supporting the trucking and construction communities for as long as we can.

Recovery Jobs

Recovering heavy duty vehicles is a challenge. Our preparation and industry knowledge makes the job easier, but we still rely heavily upon the skill and dedication of our highly trained crew. When we set out on a recovery job, safety is our number one priority. We don’t just assume that everything is going to be stabilized by the time we arrive on-scene. We fully intend to work side by side with first responders, police and emergency services to produce results. Not many people in the towing industry can say that the work they do saves lives, but we can, and without hesitation.

Heavy Duty Businesses

Businesses rely on heavy duty equipment, and businesses rely upon us. When we think of heavy duty vehicles and equipment, we think of backhoe loaders, excavators, bulldozers, trenchers, scrapers and more. Construction crews are all too familiar with these types of vehicles and we know them inside and out. Just because a piece of equipment is labeled as “heavy duty” doesn’t mean it’s impervious to tipping or getting stuck. When a heavy duty vehicle tips over, what lifts it back up? One of Selma Towing Services rotators, that’s what!

Rotator Service

A rotator is a huge, portable crane-like vehicle that is used in scenarios as described above. It is used for more than just tipped over construction equipment though. Let’s say a tractor trailer veers off of the side of the road and with such force that it rolls down a ditch and lands upside down. A rotator would be the perfect tool for the job, not only to realign the tractor trailer, but to help in recovering any cargo that might have spilled during the crash. Selma Towing Service has rotators and other heavy duty recovery equipment in its fleet and is growing that fleet every day. Don’t worry if your crash or situation looks bleak, chances are Selma Towing Service has the solution. Just give us a call, give our dispatcher the details and let us take it from there.

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