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Selma Towing Service

24 Hour Tow Truck Service in Selma TX

If you’re in need of a tow or emergency roadside assistance in or near Selma, TX, you’ve just made it to the best possible website. This is the home of Selma Towing Service, the premier 24-hour towing company in the area. Look no further for the best deal on towing and for the friendliest and quickest staff around. We know you might be frustrated or dealing with a vehicle issue now that you’re reading this, so without further delay we’ll point you in the right direction.

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Our phone number is listed on each page of this site, along with a contact form if you are unable to call. Reach out to us as soon as possible and we’ll get you back on the road as quick as we can!

About Us

Selma Towing Service is a 24-hour towing service that specializes in all type of roadside assistance. We’ve been in the business long enough that our reputation speaks for itself. You could call another towing company, but why risk it when you know that Selma Towing Service can do it better, for cheaper. Towing isn’t something you want to leave to an amateur. You don’t want to put your safety and the safety of your vehicle in the hands of a company with no experience, do you?

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    Our Services

    We offer towing of many types, we aren’t just limited to small vehicles or consumer vehicles. We specialize in light, medium and heavy duty towing, we can perform winch outs, roll backs and rotator services as well. We’re a 24-hour shop because we have to be in order to be a reliable towing company for Selma residents. We do more than towing too! Dead battery? Flat tire? Out of gas? Call Selma Towing Service and we can help you with all manner of emergency roadside assistance you may need.

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    Light to Medium

    The most common, but my no means the easiest, type of towing we perform is for small to medium sized vehicles. This category covers everything from compact cars and motorcycles to four-wheel drive SUVs and smaller pickup trucks.

    Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

    When a normal tow truck won’t do, we call in the big guns. If your vehicle is classified as “heavy duty” you need special treatment. Maybe you don’t just have a heavy duty vehicle, but one that’s stuck in a culvert that a tow truck can’t get to. That’s where the rotator comes into play. To the untrained eye, it looks like a fire truck with a telescoping ladder. But that’s no ladder, that’s a boom hook, and it’s what’s going to get your truck out of that ditch and back on the road.

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    Tow Truck Service

    We have a whole fleet of tow trucks standing by, at the ready. They are waiting for calls from people just like you, who happen to be having a stroke of bad luck. We can handle multiple, simultaneous calls, and our dispatchers coordinate with our recovery and tow specialists in the most efficient way possible.

    24 Hour Recovery Towing

    Around the clock towing is a necessity these days. With the number of vehicles on the road at any given time, it’s a wonder our phone ever stops ringing at all. Can you image what it would be like if tow services closed at normal business hours? Rush hour would be just starting when we’d be locking up for the day. You’d have wrecks in the middle of roadways until the following morning, during the AM rush hour! It would be chaos. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that, because our doors and our phone lines are always open.

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    Emergency Roadside Assistance

    Roadside assistance is almost always an emergency. Being stuck or disabled on the side of a busy road is an extremely dangerous situation. That’s why we treat every call with the utmost importance. There is no small job in our minds, only jobs that take longer to do than others. If you call us for help, make no mistake, we will treat it as if our own family was in need of help, and we hope you’ll notice that.

    Winch Outs &
    Roll Back Service

    There are special recovery jobs that require specific equipment to pull off. No need to worry if you’ve called Selma Towing Service to help you out. We’ve got all of the right towing vehicles in our fleet, from flatbeds, to rotators, to rollbacks with heavy duty winches. We also have all of the right operators, who know exactly what do to if the recovery isn’t as straightforward as normal.

    “I drive for a large commercial trucking business. I was driving through Selma when my semi lurched to the right and I ended up in a ditch. I may have spent the night in that ditch if it wasn’t for Selma Towing Service.” – Franklin E.

    “I was terrified. Not only was it pitch black, but it was one of the coldest nights we’d had in recent history. Selma Towing Service made it out to me in 20 minutes and we were on our way to my mechanic’s shop 5 minutes after that!” – Delia W.

    “I don’t get surprised often, and certainly not by towing companies, but this has got to be the exception. Check out Selma Towing Service, they’re serious about what they do.” – Todd J.

    Contact Us Today

    Calling us is the easy part. As for the hard part, well, that’s our job. One call to our dispatch team, using the number listed on each page of this site, is all you need to do. Give us your address or approximate location, and we’ll send the best truck for the job out to you. We set our operators up for success by providing them with all the tools and vehicles they need to have a successful recovery. Our philosophy is, “Work smarter AND harder, and you’ll be done in half the time”. Don’t worry about the details. Go ahead and get comfortable in the cab of one of our premium trucks and let the operator handle the logistics, you’ve been through enough!