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Emergency Roadside Assistance

ladies and man needing roadside assistance

Selma Towing Service has been a staple, a necessity, in the Selma, TX community for years. Not only do we serve our community and its businesses by keeping their transportation rolling, but we serve the individuals that travel to and from Selma on a daily basis. We do everything we possibly can to assist our daily motorists, our family men and women, because that’s who we are behind the uniform.


An emergency to one person may not be an emergency to another. You may not think that running out of wiper fluid is a big deal. Maybe you’d just stop at a gas station every 10 miles and keep wiping the dirt, dust and debris from normal “Texas Travel” off with a squeegee. However, your cousin, aunt or grandfather might not be able to see as well as you. They may become anxious with the thought of losing visibility. To us, that is an emergency. Whenever a motorist feels as if they are in danger on the road, that is an emergency. Whenever a motorist puts another motorist in potential danger, that is an emergency. Call us and we will get you your wiper fluid, wiper blades, quart of oil, extra gas, extra tire, etc., you name it and we’ll be there.

What is Roadside Assistance?

When something is preventing you from getting from point A to point B safely, we consider that needing roadside assistance. Everyone deserves the right to travel, commute, run errands in complete safety. Life throws us curve balls sometimes, but if that curve ball happens to be an empty gas tank, you’re in luck. We fill gas tanks and pretty much any other vehicle fluid you can think of as one of our roadside assistance offerings. Flat tires are extremely common in our line of work. Sure, you could change that tire yourself, but again we want to bring up our point about safety. Maybe you couldn’t maneuver far enough off to the side of the roadway, maybe your children are in the back seat needing supervision and reassurance? Whatever the case, let Selma Towing Service help you, and you can focus on what is really important, you and your family’s safety.

No Job Too Small

Have you ever been driving down the road, passed over a speed bump a little too fast and heard a strange creaking sound? Maybe you just heard it for the first time because you usually listen to music or the radio while driving? Would you call that in to your mechanic? Would it worry you or would you keep on driving? Let’s just say you did keep driving, and that creak turned out to be a failing axle or wheel component. I bet you’d want to know exactly what was going on. That’s where Selma Towing Service comes in. Let us help you BEFORE you need a tow.

The Extra Mile

Our repeat customers know that they didn’t just get lucky the first time. Time and time again, we meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We go the extra mile. We TOW the extra mile too. From tire changes, to field radiator service, to belt replacement, to windshield wiper fluid top offs, to getting your RV unstuck in the mud, we do it all and we do it all well.

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