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About Us

lady taking phone call asking for road assistance

Selma Towing Service is the go-to emergency towing service for residents of Selma, TX and surrounding areas. We’ve been working the highways for years, fixing flat tires, towing broken down vehicles, recovering stuck vehicles with our winches and more. We’ve had to tow so many vehicles, it’s second nature to us now. We’re the best of the best when it comes to emergency towing and roadside assistance. Selma Towing Service has been in the business long enough to know that despite most of our customers never thinking it will happen to them, they soon find themselves hitching a ride with one of our towing professionals and their car trailing behind. Regardless of that, our professional and courteous roadside assistants reassure them, make them comfortable and the experience is never frustrating or traumatic if we can help it.

One of the worst parts of being stuck on the side of the road without a working vehicle is the wait. No one likes being stuck in a broken down car, waiting for help to arrive. We know that, and that’s why Selma Towing Service focuses on high availability and quick response times. Rest assured that if you’re in the Selma, TX area, we will get to you as soon as possible and make that agonizing wait seem like mere minutes. We hope you never have to call us for help, but just know that if you do, we’ll be here and ready to head out the door in a moment’s notice.

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