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24 Hour Recovery Towing

damaged car on the roadside

Let’s talk a little about recovery and towing, and the difference between them. Towing is what most people think of when they think of a tow truck service. Your car won’t move for one reason or another and your vehicle needs to be pulled or loaded onto a flatbed and taken somewhere for repair. Recovery, however, is the act of retrieving a car or vehicle and its contents or cargo from a difficult location. This could be from a ditch or culvert, or from a waterway, over the side of a ledge, or a vehicle that has flipped over. Now that you know the difference, let’s talk about how Selma Towing Service does these particular jobs.

Any Time of Day

When we say that we are a 24-hour shop, we mean it. There is no room for discussion! We have dispatchers, operators and specialists on the clock 24 hours a day. We need our full team ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you ever drive late at night, right before sunrise, or have pulled an all-nighter on a road trip, you’ve probably noticed that there are always cars, trucks and semis on the road, no matter the hour. There actually seem to be more of the large trucks or cargo vehicles on the road in the off hours, probably because it’s easier for them to maneuver when there is less traffic. Whether it is easier for them or not, it usually results in a higher number of large vehicle incidents during off-hours. Not that any hours are off-hours for us!

Tight Spots

We have seen it all. From trucks hanging halfway off of an overpass, to semis flipped completely upside down, cargo spilled for half a mile, to vehicles that have buried themselves halfway in a muddy patch, trying to accelerate themselves free. Those are all straight forward recoveries compared to the tight spots we see in the urban areas around Selma. Our trucks aren’t small, by any means, but our operators are professionals, and know exactly what to do to get to your car or truck, no matter where it may be.

50 tons

Heavy, cumbersome, unwieldy vehicles and obstructions might be a deal breaker for some towing and recovery companies, but not for Selma Towing Service. We’re well equipped to handle issues upwards of 50 tons. Our rotators are high-end. We don’t skimp when it comes to recovery equipment. We know that when it comes time to put our operation in gear, the last thing we need bogging us down is old and shoddy equipment.

Get You Home Safe

We’re asked by our customers why we go to such lengths, with being open 24/7, with having the latest and greatest towing equipment, to maintaining a well trained staff of professionals. They say, “people are going to call you anyway, they NEED you”. Yes, that may be true, but we would be remiss if we took advantage of that fact. We’re not here just to make money, we’re doing this to serve our community, in the only way we know how.

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